The next-generation blockchain technology

making businesses fast, secure and border–free

Gliesereum is a lightweight open-source blockchain. We welcome everyone to participate.

Blockchains revolutionize businesses. Areas of application keep expanding beyond digital cryptocurrency. They include digital finance, secure cloud storage, electronic voting, and even automatic bike rentals.


Two problems remain, making integration of these highly secure frameworks into corporate systems difficult:

  1. 01/

    Most current consensus algorithms (firstly, PoW, but also PoS and DPoS) imply a heavy computational burden

  2. 02/

    Overall costs of resources necessary to deploy blockchain networks, run smart contracts, and process transactions are high

Our ecosystem solves these problems with an innovative X13 protocol for transaction processing, a fast PoL consensus algorithm, and lightweight smart contracts called Smart Transactions.

Gliesereum technology reflects the Project’s ideology:

Gliesereum blockchain can run in two modes: public and encrypted (private), providing a high level of functional flexibility to any organization or business

Protocol X13 works like a “chip” with an inbuilt PoL consensus algorithm and can integrate with any blockchain or launch a Gliesereum network

New PUT tokens implement an exchange of encrypted information across the network

PoL consensus speeds up the computation, Smart Transactions replace Smart Contracts and reduce the cost of hardware and computation time

Gliesereum can find use in any setting where commitments between individuals, jurisdictional or economic units exist. This system delivers protection, transparency, and immutability of information. Innovative blockchain technology opens an opportunity to create novel digital assets, prevent corporate corruption, and secure data in governmental and commercial sectors. Efficient blockchain infrastructures increase revenue by lowering the cost of operational processing and hardware resources.

IT and fintech systems that can use Gliesereum:

  • Payment and tokenization apps

  • Crowdfunding and crowd-investing platforms

  • DEX and DEFI

  • Electronic voting systems and secure databases

  • Document storage and transfer systems

  • and more...